wishing candlesSocial Campaign & Installation

Can we feel Asthma

To experience , to feel empathy

Asthma is one of the most common chronic sickness especially in Hong Kong because of the poor air condition and humid weather. It is estimated that one in every ten children suffers from some forms of asthma. Young children are the most dangerous group of Asthma patient as they could not effectively express their difficulties in breathing to their parent.

We use blowing birthday candle as a metaphor for emphasizing the difficulties of the Asthma child to enhance the public awareness through medical care and concern.

The program is designed that the Asthma suffered children could not blow out the birthday candle that requires a third party to assist through the normal blowing action to candles(sensor).

We wish to arouse the public concern on the difficulties which the Asthma patient encounter. And hopefully from which result additional medical care from our government and financial support from our community.

  • Category: Social Campaign & Installation
  • Target: Public
  • Beneficial group: Asthma kid and parent
  • Kind: Group work
  • Date: 2015