Locational-Based game

Encourage players to explore more in the real world

In the year 2050, Robot with human-intelligence has ruled the world and it is looking forward a hero to save the world.People started to use robots to do different things but lots of robots are being destroyed and abandoned.BigBOT is the robot with the brainwash system and who want to rule the world. Now you and your robot is the one who is being chosen to save the world.

With custome visual style map, the player can find different location of enemy and boss. They can battle with those enemy according to their ability which weapon,equipment, skill and real time strategy will affected.

PvP system

player can define their stronghold as a battle field. Other player can challenge their stronghold in non-real time which enhance the player interaction.

  • Category: Mobile game
  • Target: Gamer
  • Kind: Group work
  • Date: 2015