Heads UpSocial Campaign

Phubbing effect in MTR

A serious problem affecting the travel efficiency in Hong Kong

Smart Phone could surely facilitate convenience to our daily life but if misuse of it, negative effects would be generated in our social life and health .‘Heads Up’ adopts a humorous way to advise the phubbers on the malpractice.

Lap’s idea is to test this interactive art in MTR stations. Once they are sensed by our installation, a specific laser beam and LED light will shoot on their phone’s screen as the triggers to warn the phubber to stop such malpractice. With an ultimate target, Lap hopes that this design can be extended to other public facilities to lower the adverse influence, to those phubbers and people around.

智能電話無疑為我們的生活帶來方便,但亦令很多人沉醉於他們的個人網絡及電玩世界。這不單令健康受到影響,亦不自覺為旁人帶來不便。「Heads Up」用一個輕鬆幽默的方法去改善人的行為,從此大家在公眾地方不再做低頭一族。

Lap 的構思是於人多的地鐵車站作試驗,當使用者埋頭於手機的時候,「Heads Up」裝置就會發出獨立提示,以光束投射於其手機顯示屏上,令他們醒覺。Lap的目標是將設計推展至其他公共設施,以減低低頭族帶來的不便。

  • Category: Social Campaign & Public Design
  • Target: Phubber
  • Kind: Personal work
  • Date: 2016
  • Award: Best of the show
    (PolyU Design Annual Show 2016)