Dawn TouchProduct Design

can we touch weather?

A new experience of receiving weather information

Humidity is the level of moisture that is contained in the air. It is ‘water vapour’, and can not be seen. However, the effects of humidity on the human body can be profound and numerous. Dawn Touch is a digital clock that allow people to feel the humidity by touching the surface. Not only wake you up by the alarm but giving a relaxing and calming reminder to you about the up-to-date humidity at the same time.

Sweet reminder at the beginning of the day

Slide to stop the alarm is a everyday action as most of the people are using the alarm function of smartphone. How about sweeping the surface to stop the alarm, is it more interesting in our boring and disgusting wake-up time

  • Category: Product & tangible
  • Target: Designer clock
  • Kind: Group work
  • Date: Late 2015