Art of wait 等待的藝術 Installation & User Experience Design

Can waiting friend be fun?

Enhancing the 'waiting' experience

There are lot of people hanging around and waiting their friends in K11 then other malls. The first reason is the geolocation advantage of K11(near MTR station), second reason is K11's unique theme of museum shopping mall. There are more free space and public area then other malls to attracts lot of people hanging around.

Why those people just stand and wait without more meaningful activity?

'Art of wait' is a new mall's experience to entertain people who are waiting other while providing them the related workshop or guide tour with exhibiting art works at that particular time.

Which aims to entertain the users by providing them unique knowledge or insights in order to enrich their waiting experience in K11 shopping mall

  • Category: UX design
  • Target: K11 art mall
  • Kind: Group work
  • Date: Late 2015